PALAIS is a 3D virtual simulation environment for artificial intelligence with a special focus on games. Most work done on game AI requires a sandbox environment to evaluate behaviors. Traditionally, home-made projects built on top of general game engines would be used to serve as sandbox environments.

While valid, this approach requires significantly more game development know-how and programming effort than using a domain-specific environment. PALAIS comes with a full scripting environment, a plugin system, project management, knowledge inspection, an intuitive programming interface, simulation control and data visualisation tools.

Implementing these features in a traditional game engine requires months of work and vast game engine know-how. Using PALAIS is free and setting up a project takes minutes. The scripting interface is minimal and can be accessed via simple JavaScript, one of the most prevalent and easy-to-learn programming languages.

On top of that PALAIS projects can easily be shared with other people, making it easy to teach game AI, collaborate with peers and to showcase your algorithms and behaviors.

In short, PALAIS' goal is to provide a platform that facilitates development, showcasing, education and research of artificial intelligence in games.

How Does My Project Benefit?

PALAIS can jump-start your project by providing an easy-to-use, cross-platform, accessible and extensible environment with most of the functionality you are looking for already available.


PALAIS was created as part of a larger project to build and evaluate a unified framework for aritificial intelligence in games at the research group Entertainment Computing at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Vienna. It is made available to the public in the hope that it's a useful tool for other projects as well.